Inspired by the Arte Povera movement of the 1960s and 70s, these ephemeral assemblages cast a fresh look at commonplace materials: coffee grounds and filters, recycled textiles and domestic objects.

Drawings on paper

This kind of drawing is completely immersive. Starting from a simple shape which is repeated over and over again, a complex organism evolves and sometimes a narrative emerges


Like my experimental poems, my collages are a form of repetitive assemblage. They usually start with a pair of scissors and a pile of newspapers and eventually the accumulation of cut- ups suggests a narrative. Some other time, a topical theme brings to mind a visual narrative.

Spinning Poetry

Spinning Poetry is a playful installation of my own creation based on found poetry principles. It purposefully alters existing texts to bring out new and exciting juxtapositions.

A single frame can hold up to 320 table tennis balls. The balls rotate vertically and each one shows two words from poems borrowed or gifted. Participants can spin the balls to scramble the original word order and create new poetry. Spinning Poetry comes in two different formats, a free-standing triptych and a single wall-mounted frame.

Spinning Poetry was first created as a site specific installation for Heartwood Artists in 2013. Since then the frames have been shown at StAnza, the Scottish Poetry Festival, in 2014, at the Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling, in 2015, at VAS:T, Visual Arts Scotland, Edinburgh RSA, in 2015, and at the Abbeyhill Colony of Artists Festival in 2015.

Through Spinning Poetry, I have collaborated with pupils from Boroughmuir Secondary and worked closely with Abbeyhill Primary 4 and 5 classes as part of their artist-in-residence programme.


Context and surroundings are great sources of inspiration.

I generated two residencies, the first in the grounds of Hopetoun House near Edinburgh in 2006 and the second in the grounds of Hill of Tarvit in Fife in 2007. In both cases I created an installation that restored a missing feature with incongruous material for greater effect.

The Abbeyhill Primary Artist Residency is an ongoing programme curated by Iliyana Nedkova that involves a couple of artists each year and I was invited to take part in 2014. I designed and led a series of four workshops on poetry with P4 and P5 classes. I transcribed their poems on the free-standing Spinning Poetry triptych which was shown during the Abbeyhill’s Colony of Artists Festival in September of that year.

Heartwood Artists

I have been a member of this artist collective since 2009. We regularly come together to create and curate work that responds to a specific site and context. For more information, see Heartwood Artists archives